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The savings achieved through a solar system installed today are dependant on the amount of energy that is consumed through the day.  So if washing clothes, or running the dishwasher can be done through the day then the savings are greater.  Pool pumps are best set to run during the day also.  Also depending on your situation then sometimes delaying a freezer to not come on at 5am but 7am can work out well.  Also if the solar system is large enought then running the electric HW system to come on and off at certain times can also be a way of increasing your savings.
The placement of the panels on the roof is also important.  If a house has an East West facing roof then putting a few more panels on the Western side compared to the East is a good thing as more electricity is consumed in the afternoon as a rule.

In general look to do as many of your non-time dependant power tasks during the day and remember to switch off things at night when you are not using them.

The returns from your solar system on average will remain fairly constant.  The output of the solar panels decreases by just 0.7 to 1% per annum.  However with electricity prices destined to increase then the decrease in output of the solar panels will be more than compensated by the increase in the cost of power.