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The farmer/land owner can now starting 'growing' electricity which he can sell back to the electricity authority. 

Power generation on farming properties is not a new concept.  In Victoria, SA and Tasmania farms are used to put wind turbines on selected locations to generate electricity.  Precious little farm land is used and the farm animals carry on as normal.  The one catch is that not everywhere is suitable for a wind farm.  Solar farms are now starting to spring up in Australia.  Queensland is well suited for this new era of power generation as it does have an abundance of one thing - sunshine.

750 sqm of land or 250sqm north facing roof area is all that is needed to put in a system that will pay for for itself in as little as 6 - 8 years time.  The expected output of a solar panel system is at least 25 years but will keep producing for up to 40 years.  They will keep producing as long as the sun is shining.  A solar energy system has the following advantages

  • no moving parts
  • be paid at a set price for all the electricity you can produce
  • 25 years+ output from the system
  • no herbicides, pesticides, water restrictions
  • ongoing maintenance is nothing more than checking the panels are clean (twice a year)

As a solar energy system is modular it can grow at a pace that you feel comfortable with.  For more information Contact Us or call 1300 757 041.