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We have the following 3 packages giving people affordable options to invest in their future. Our plans are based on the average household usage of 15.5 kwh/day. Contact us about any of the following three packages to find out more.

* Price includes the signing over the REC's, that the system creates, to Sunvest. Additional charges are applicable for the following situations - Two storey (additional $220), Cathedral ceilings (additional $165), mounting panels in Landscape fashion (extra 30c/watt) and the need to use tilt frames for flat roofs (extra 35c/watt). For distances of more than 50km to Bundaberg GPO then allow ($2.20/km in one direction).  Call for pricing clarification for any of the listed situations. ** additional $0/month – This concept is very simple.  By continuing to pay for electricity at the current market rates the system would be paid for in the maximum amount of time above.  Instead of paying this money to the electricity retailer you are paying a financier.  Same money but paid to a different company.
- 9.6% an Eco loan such as that on offer by Maleny Credit Union.   If the money is borrowed at domestic household mortgage rates then the payback time will be less.
- That the premises to which the solar system is attached is available for the Qld Government solar bonus scheme.
- That daytime electricity usage patterns do not change by more than 10%.
- Annual Electricity price rises of no less than 4% per annum.  If annual price rises are more than 4% p/a then the time to pay off the solar system will be reduced.