Warranty Solar Panels - 5 years parts and labour + solar panel output performance of 25 years
Residential Solar Energy
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We have chosen products that are of high quality and good value for money.  The two most important components of a solar system are the panels and the inverters.  We predominantly use panels from one of the top 5 panel manufacturers and inverters from the top two manufacturers in the world.  So here is the list of products that go into make up our solar systems.

Solar Panels


Trina & Jinko (Poly Panels): Trina is the largest manaufacturer of PV panels in the world. The company was started in 1997 and is one of the Chinese big 5 manufacturers that include Canadian Solar, Yingli, Jinko and JA Solar. Both Trina & Jinko have offices in Australia.  We source our panels through two of the largest distributors in Australia.  Both of the distributors have been in operation for well over 30 years.
REC Solar (Poly Panels): Headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Cell production is in Narvik, Norway and solar modules are produced at their manufacturing plant in Glava, Sweden, with another module plant in Singapore. They are one of the largest manufacturers of polycrystalline wafers and cells in the world.  They have a double edged frame which makes the panel sturdier.
SMA: Is the world’s largest manufacturer of Grid Connected Inverters for photovoltaic installations. The company was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Germany with offices in all major locations around the world including Australia. Their inverters are engineered and built in Germany ensuring the highest standards in reliability and performance.  SMA have a huge array of inverter products available and were probably the pioneer for online monitoring of solar production.
ABB: is the third largest manufacturer of Grid Connected Inverters in the world and employs ten of thousands of people worldwide and is certified to ISO standards for all facilities. ABB bought Power-One, an inverter company, in 2014.  ABB are a massive Swiss company with over 140,000 employees in over 100 countries.
Balance of System
Racking: We use a racking system that is manufactured in Asia for use in all wind regions. It is made by Radiant. The racking system can be mounted right to the roof perimeter to take the most advantage of your north facing roof area. Each rack is fully anodised and is held together by stainless steel nuts. The corrugated feet are specially designed to feet the curves of the corrugation. The separation of the aluminium feet from the iron roof is via a piece of prefitted rubber foot. We use Class 4 Buildex screws where the existing fasteners are not adequate.
DC isolators: We have predominantly used IPD isolators ZFV32 which are made in Europe.  Other brands  Kraus and Naimler and ABB.  The later brands are also European and cost a little bit less but are bit more difficult to get wires in and out of.
Other: Other components that are used with our systems are, Clipsal and Schneider Electric circuit breakers and Stainless steel solar clips and saddle clamps where required. Also we We are constantly on the lookout for products that of high quality and represent good value for money. Our product usage may change over time according to the supplied quality and industry’s best practice. There are products that are emerging such as microinverters that will significantly change the way domestic systems are installed in the future if they gain foothold in Australia.