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Solar energy perfect for homes

Our research has shown that people would like to know two things:

1) how much do I have to spend to reduce my electricity bill
2) how to reduce their carbon footprint

Sunvest Commercial

Solar energy saving businesses $$$

Power purchase agreements (PPA's) are the way that modern business owners are purchasing their electricity, sourced from their own solar panels. This means instead of purchasing their electricity from a non-renewable source they can purchase electricity from electricity that is generated right from their own premises.
It’s now more financially viable than ever to install and utilise solar panels; better still, get your solar panels in Bundaberg with Sunvest.

Sunvest – based in Bundaberg, Queensland – has a team of qualified solar installers ready to help you along the path to savings and environmental responsibility. For professional solar installers in Bundaberg, choose Sunvest.

Sunvest Community

Solar energy generates an income

A community group can turn an asset such as a building into generating a small income that helps the community to keep running. 

By utilising professional solar installers (Bundaberg-based) and installing solar panels that generate electricity on the roof of an existing building, not only are you generating a small income but also helping Australia to lower its greenhouse gas emissions.

Get your solar power in Bundaberg, from Sunvest - a local, trusted company with experience in the field.

Sunvest Rural
Farmers & land owners can sell back electricity

The farmer/land owner can now starting 'growing' electricity which he can sell back to the electricity authority.

For effective and powerful solar energy in Bundaberg, installed by a local company that really cares about the environment, choose Sunvest.

Solar farms net the farmer an income that grows exponentially more profitable as costs are covered. Our Bundaberg-based solar farm team can help you set up a profitable and professional solar farm today!