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Power purchase agreements

Power purchase agreements (PPA's) are the way that modern business owners are purchasing their electricity. This means instead of purchasing their electricity from a non-renewable source they can purchase electricity from the solar system that resides on their own roof.

How does a PPA work?

A PPA is an agreement between Sunvest and the business owner over a period of time i.e. similar to a lease. The business/landlord provides access to their roof for the mounting of solar panels. The solar panels are installed and produce electricity that is sold to the business owner thereby reducing or even negating the electricity bill from the electricity retailer.

A Sunvest PPA has the following advantages

  • no upfront cost to the business
  • only the power that is produced is invoiced at the set rate for business customers
  • protection against adverse price rises of commercial electricity costs
  • full online monitoring of power generation and power usage (optional) via web browser
  • equipment is inspected regularly to make sure output is at the highest possible level

The remote monitoring of the system means that we can check within minutes if the system is performing at its best.  As Sunvest is only paid for the electricity that the system produces then we will make sure that the electricity output is the optimum for the system installed.

Starting in 2011 we will be installing these systems at a number of sites around the Wide Bay. If you would like to be the one who sets the pace and trends for your industry then Contact Us or call 1300 757 041 for more information.